SystemCare contains a collection of modules for system maintenance. The functions of Systemcare are only available, if you are logged in as the administrator.

System check

All information regarding this topic can be found here.


Here, a list of log files or configuration directories can be compressed in a zip file where it can be sent to technical support. Please mark the checkboxes in front of the files or directories that are required to resolve your support case. Additionally, select the Portal for which the information will be saved. Next, click on Save information in order to save the ZIP file in a directory of your choice.

Log files parser

Here you can access the content of all log files of your portal. If a log file is selected, the content will be shown in the right-hand area. There you can find various filters for the log entries. With Type, you can limit the messages by their types: Info, Warning, Error, Debug or Startup. In the Filter field, you can also search by term(s). Delete filter text will delete the search text from the input field.

Here you can also open any log file from a directory available to the server by clicking Open logfile. The default directory for Intrexx logfiles can be found in the portal directory /log. Refresh logfile refreshes the log list. If you select an entry the details will be shown in the lower area. You can view detailed information about an entry in an additional dialog from the context menu for an entry.