Application Store - World Cup Prediction Game 2018

1. Installation

1.1. Import

1.1.1. Applications

Import the file "" that you downloaded from the Application Store. Both applications, "WC 2018" and "WM 2018 OData", need to be selected for import. The app "WC 2018 OData" is for transferring the match results and final round fixtures from the provided results service. Make sure the settings "Import with application data" and "Import with permissions" are active.

1.1.2. Permissions

During the import, the application permissions can be assigned. Usually, the default settings can be applied. The permissions can be modified later in the Users module if required.

User role "BettingGameUsers"

Add all users who want to take part in the prediction game as members of this group.

User role "BettingGameAdministrators"

Users who should have administrative permissions for the application, e.g. to enter match results manually, should be added as members of this group.

1.1.3. Processes

The import package contains two processes that also need to be imported for the application to function correctly. Make sure both "WC 2018" and "WC 2018 Maintenance" are selected. Then click on "Next" and start the import procedure. Afterwards, you can add the application to the menu structure of your portal at a position of your choice.

1.2. SSL-Zertifikat importieren

So that the results service from United Planet can be used, the portal server needs to be connected to the internet. As the OData service is only accessible via the HTTPS protocol, the SSL certificate from the URL "" with the port 443 needs to be imported in the portal properties.

2. Application

So that the prediction game works correctly, please enter your company on the Administration page first.

2.1. Homepage "Welcome"

All information in the prediction game can be seen at a glance on the homepage. From here, you can navigate directly to the desired pages of the application. The ranking list contains all participants. Click on the name of a player to view more information about that player. The table "Matchday winner" displays the ranking list for the respective matchday. The two tables above displays the matches from the day before as well as today's matches.

2.1.1. Register for prediction game

To register for the prediction game, click on "Register" on the homepage. This link is only available if your company has been registered under "Administration". Enter a player name of your choice (nickname).

Would you like to receive push notifications?

With this setting, a reminder to make your predictions will be sent to your smartphone. For this function to work correctly, you require at least Intrexx 8 with all online updates and a smartphone with the Intrexx Mobile App.

Google Play / AppStore

Opens the respective page where the Intrexx Mobile App can be downloaded.


Saves your player name and opens the next dialog.


Closes the dialog. You will then be returned to the homepage.


Closes the dialog. You will then be take to the View my predictions page.

2.2. Predict menu

2.2.1. View my predictions


Click on the Intrexx Share profile picture of the play to switch to Intrexx Share. If required, the player name can be edited by clicking on it.

Make a prediction

Every match of the tournament is listed chronoligically here. You can only make predictions for matches that have not yet begun. A prediction can be made until 5 minutes before kick-off.

Select data set
Opens the page where the prediction can be made.

Date, time and stadium

The date, time and stadium of the match are shown at the top of the page.

Edit fields

Enter your prediction in both of the edit fields.

Matches up to now

Displays a list of all matches so far in the tournament.


If you would like to make more than one prediction at once, click on "Next". This will save your prediction and open the page for the next match. You can edit your prediction until 5 minutes before kick-off.


Saves your prediction. You will then be returned to the View my predictions page. Your prediction will be shown there in the last column in the corresponding row of the table.

2.2.2. Points system

There are points available for each match, each matchday and for predicting the world champion correctly.

a) Points per match

Predicting a completely correct result is awarded with 3 points.
Predicting the correct tendency (win, lose) with the correct goal difference is awarded with 2 points.
Betting the correct tendency (win, lose) is awarded with 1 point.

A draw is always awarded with 2 points, unless the result was predicted correctly.

Match between England - France ends 2:0 JohnH predicts 2:0 and gets 3 points.
SarahW predicts 3:1 and gets 2 points.
HenryL predicts 3:0 and gets 1 point.
MarkW bet 0:0 and gets no points.

b) Points per matchday

The matches are divided into eight matchdays. The first matchday is all of the first group matches, the next round of group manages correspond to matchday 2 and 3, respectively. The round of the last 16, quarter finals, semi finals and the final (including the match for 3rd place) make up the matchdays 4 to 8.

The predictor who gets the most points within one matchday will receive an additional bonus of three points. The second best predictor is awarded with two bonus points and the third best with one point.

c) Points for predicting the correct world champion

Until 19.06.2018 19:00 - before the start of the 2nd matchday - you can predict who will be world champion. If you predict correctly, you will be awarded with 20 bonus points.

2.3. Matches menu

2.3.1. All games

You will find a list of every match here. Additional information can be found via the links in the columns "Match date", "Home", "Away" or "Stadium".

Members of the user role "BettingGameAdministrators" have access to a button on the left of each row that can be used to modify the match data.

2.3.2. Groups

You can view an overview of the groups with this button.

If you click on the button for a group, more details are shown.

2.3.3. Final round

An overview of the final rounds is shown here.

2.3.4. Calendar

This page contains a calendar with all match dates.

2.4. Information menu

2.4.1. Rounds of the game

Information about the different tournament rounds is provided here.

2.4.2. The rules

The rules for the prediction game can be found here.

2.4.3. Stadiums

Information about the stadiums can be found here.

2.5. Administration menu

Members of the user group "Administrators" and the user role "BettingGameAdministrators" have access to this page.

2.5.1. Enter results

As soon as a match is over, you can enter the results here, provided you do not want to make use of the results service from United Planet. You can also edit the deadline for predicting the world champion and enter the world champion here.

2.5.2. Delete player

You can delete and manage registered players here.

2.5.3. Create final round

All matches for the KO rounds are shown in the table on the left. The table on the right will display the 1st and 2nd team of the groups.

Select data set
Opens a page where the corresponding KO round match can be defined.

2.5.4. Cities / Stadiums

The list of all cities/stadiums can be found here.

3. Intrexx Share plugins

The prediction game application comes with two plugins for Intrexx Share. Information about the settings available for plugins can be found here. Each user can optionally subscribe to the plugins, which enables them to comment on the posts generated by the plugin.

Worldcup 2018 Match

Creates Intrexx Share posts for the games on the matchday. This post is updated with the match result once this has been entered. It will then be shown once more at the top in Intrexx Share.

Worldcup 2018 Matchday

Creates posts about the matchday winners and displays the top 3 players with the most points from the corresponding matchday.