Main menu in the Tools module

Email service
System monitor - Sessions
System monitor - Databases
System monitor - Global locks
Task scheduler
Intrexx Mobile App

Depending on which tool is currently select, different menus will be shown in this module.


Connect portal service

This menu item opens the dialog to log in to a portal.

Disconnect portal service

This menu item will log off an opened portal. You will be notified of unsaved changes with a message.


Closes the Portal Manager.

Email service


This menu point allows you to change the email service's settings.


By clicking Test, the configuration can be tested. If error messages are output, either the configuration must be changed or no mail server that can be used for the SMTP service exists. If you are unsure of how to proceed, please contact your system administrator.

The Exchange 2007 mail server does not accept the sending of mail from non-authenticated users in the standard configuration. If the sending of mail from non-authenticated users is to be enabled, the following command must be entered in the Exchange shell:

Get-ReceiveConnector "CONNECTORNAME" | Add-ADPermission -User "NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON" -ExtendedRights "ms-Exch-SMTP-Accept-Any-Recipient"

The placeholder CONNECTORNAME must be adjusted for the infrastructure of the customer in this case. The user NT AUTHORITYANONYMOUS LOGON can also vary, depending on operating system and language.


Updates the email service.


Activates the email service.

System monitor - Sessions

Send email / Send email to all

Via the context menus Send email (sends to all users of the selected sessions) and Send email to all (sends to all currently logged on users) a dialog for sending a message will be opened.


Stops the session.

System monitor - Databases

Show details

If a database connection is selected, you can open the pool details by selecting Show details from the context menu or by double-clicking on a database connection.

Clear pool

Empties the currently selected pool

Create pool manager report

Generates a pool manager report.

System monitor - Global locks

Release lock

Removes the lock applied to an object.



The log files from the portal export are found here.


Deletes the currently selected message concerning a performed export.


Opens the settings dialog where the configuration can be edited.


Starts the portal export.

Task scheduler

Edit schedule

Opens a dialog in which the settings for the currently selected task's execution time can be edited.

Last messages

A log will be opened of the last time a task was run.


Opens a log of the individual runs of a task.


Starts the execution of a task. The RDF link maintenance, a standard task, will be automatically started daily at 12 AM and deletes all orphaned links.


Copies the task's GUID to the clipboard.

Delete job

Deletes the currentyl selected task.

Job deactivated

Disables the automatic execution of a task.

Scheduler disabled (standby)

The task will not be performed until the scheduler is turned back on. When it is turned back on, it will catch up on missed tasks.

Execution plan

Opens a graphical view of all tasks in the form of a timeline.


Opens a dialog in which the history for the scheduler can be set up.


Refreshes the task list.

Intrexx Mobile App

API key / Configure

This menu is available if the API Key entry is selected on the left. This options opens a dialog where an API key can be entered.

Intrexx Mobile App / Show details

This menu is available if the Mobile Devices entry is selected on the left. This options opens a dialog where the details of the registered device will be shown.

Intrexx Mobile App / Remove device

Removes the device currently selected in the right-hand area from the list of registered devices.

Intrexx Mobile App / Test registration / Test all registrations

Checks whether the mobile device is still registered on Firebase.