Connector for Microsoft Exchange - Installation

MediaGateway installation

MediaGateway offers secure access to the Microsoft Exchange server. The MediaGateway can be installed on any server you wish and serves as an intermediate between Intrexx and the Exchange server. All queries will be forwarded from Intrexx to the Exchange server using the MediaGateway. Intrexx can be run in this way on a Linux system, for example, but still be able to access the Exchange server, which only supports Windows platforms. Therefore, Intrexx remains platform independent. The MediaGateway can only be implemented on a Windows system and runs there as a regular Windows service. Using an easy-to-use setup, MediaGateway will now be installed on this computer. First install the MediaGateway. To do so, proceed as follows: In the install directory adapter\microsoft_exchange, you will find the file exchange_applications.lax, which contains ready-to-use Exchange applications for your Intrexx portal. You can import this application package as usual.

Under programs in the program group Intrexx MediaGateway you will find a link to the Intrexx online update. As a user of the Connector for Microsoft Exchange you will be informed about existing updates and you can update your system here very comfortable.


You need to purchase a license to use the Connector for Microsoft Exchange. To unlock the connector, open the Intrexx Portal Manager, There, open the License Manager via the main menu Extras / License Manager.