Changelog for Online Update no. 19

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 18.03.2020

  1. Update to patch level 19
  2. IX-7197 - 7198: Applications were lost when an Online Update was installed
    If a virus scanner is activated during an Online Update, in rare cases, certain files may be locked meaning all applications are not available after the update.
  3. IX-6746: "Organization" cannot be resolved in a process
    If the value "Organization" was selected in a filter condition in a process, errors occurred when saving.
  4. IX-6498: Colors are not displayed correctly in charts under some circumstances.
  5. IX-6420: Rows in charts can execute JavaScript in certain constellations.
  6. IX-6217: The photos of inactive users are not synchronized correctly with the Active Directory
  7. IX-5907: "Calculation" element applies the "Formula prefix" and "Formula suffix" to other "Calculation" elements.