Changelog for Online Update no. 22

Installation Software update

Bugfixes and features - released on 19.08.2020

  1. Update to patch level 22
  2. IX-8949: Portal database
    Deleting fields removes dependant views in the PostgreSQL database
  3. IX-8972: Oracle
    Some columns are too short with Unicode Oracle
  4. IX-8976: Connector API
    Exception if a data field is in the field list more than once
  5. IX-8980: Global search
    throws exceptions in some circumstances
  6. IX-9069: Resource template
    Navigation when choosing resources
  7. IX-9135: Generating documents
    via a process causes errors if the template is on the top level
  8. IX-9149: OpenID Connect
    Google encodes AuthCode
  9. IX-9173: Filter
    causes an infinite loop
  10. IX-9212: FileWalker
    The change date of files is incorrect in the FileWalker search
  11. IX-9275: Connector for OData
    ODataFunctionImportCallable: Switch Case Fall Through
  12. IX-9316: Connector API
    Forced filters are not considered
  13. IX-9346: Connector for Microsoft Office 365
    Registration link in the Portal Manager is incorrect
  14. IX-9402: Chart
    Legend behaves differently
  15. IX-9413: Element templates
    do not include styles
  16. IX-9492: Portal export
    ntext columns are not recognized correctly if the portal uses the Microsoft SQL Server database
  17. IX-9543: Resource
    Cannot create recurring appointments
  18. IX-9652: MQTT event sources
    must be restarted sporadically